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About this instance

This instance is hosted in Canada on a donated server. Content is served off of Amazon S3 in the United States. This instance is moderated by @epic@gamers.exposed and @pasture@gamers.exposed.

The rules

In general, I expect gamers.exposed users to be good fediverse citizens. Use common sense; don't spam, properly gate NSFW content, don't create alts to harass others, and don't post anything illegal (this includes drawings of minors as they are illegal under United States and Canada law). I won't moderate contents of posts unless I receive a report and it falls under the above. Moderation decisions are posted publicly under @epic@gamers.exposed.


Registrations are generally approved open until 29 January 2020, 1500 GMT as long as you're an adult with a functioning brain. Don't register if you're under 18 (if I figure out that you're under 18, your account will be immediately terminated).

Blocked content

I'm not a power-hungry 14-year-old, so I'm not going to decide what you can and can't see for you. If you do not want to see posts from a user or instance, use the mute or block features as appropriate. I will only suspend instances if they abuse the APIs of this instance, spam, or otherwise degrade the service for others. I will make sure to contact the instance's administration to resolve the issue first if possible, but in the unlikely event that I end up suspending an instance, I'll send an announcement from @epic@gamers.exposed.