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About this instance

This instance is hosted in Canada on a donated server. Content is served off of Amazon S3 in the United States. This instance is moderated by @epic@gamers.exposed and @pasture@gamers.exposed.

The rules

In general, I expect gamers.exposed users to be good fediverse citizens. Use common sense; don't spam, properly gate NSFW content, don't harass others, and don't post anything illegal (this includes drawings of minors as they are illegal under United States and Canada law). I won't moderate contents of posts unless I receive a report and it falls under the above. Moderation decisions are posted publicly under @epic@gamers.exposed.

Blocked content

I'm not a power-hungry 14-year-old, so I'm not going to decide what you can and can't see for you. If you do not want to see posts from a user or instance, use the mute or block features as appropriate. I will only suspend instances if they abuse the APIs of this instance, spam, or otherwise degrade the service for others. I will make sure to contact the instance's administration to resolve the issue first if possible and reasonable, but in the unlikely event that I end up suspending an instance, I'll send an announcement from @epic@gamers.exposed. The only instance we block is fedi.app because the instance is used specifically for followbots.

Instances that block or silence us

Oops! Looks like we've hurt some fee-fees.

Server Their reason My comment
toot.cat Joking about sexual assault, racism, etc
www.librepunk.club WHOOPS!
likeable.spacea “free speech” instance, they don't block or moderate anything apart from spam and illegalities.
wolfhoul.meThese are low-moderation instances that contain a large number of aggressive trolls.You're an idiot.