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Will Miss Pasture Be Able To Get Any Work Done Today?

why do you all keep tagging this account instead of my main

@​mewmew@​ Haha, what's a "federated"? I'm on an already shitty website, doing nothing in your POSTING DIET

Discord has miss pasture actually try to.
Donated $20 to a LGBT group, hope they find a cure!

Emily makes $0 a year as a student in New Jersey. She plans to spend $120,000 on college. How will she save enough? Subscribe to read this week's Millenial Money Challenge.

Isn't it ironic that someone paid for GabPRO™️ so that every X minutes. This way everyone's fetish bot would be a billionaire

My mom told me that only 35% of my posts can be shitposts today. Hope that's ok

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