The Day AppGet Died - The story of how Microsoft embraced and then killed AppGet.


Boycott harmful games; reject game piracy.

Exercise self-protection; avoid deception.

Moderation promotes brain health; excess play is harmful to the body.

Well-planned use of your time will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

I love the 19,000 errors I get when I start refactoring, favorite part

@overflow that happens to me when my SDKs are not set up right

literally sitting here writing goisms in this c# project and spent a good 30 seconds wondering why the fuck intellisense gave me a syntax error

btw iirc this game was taken down by valve once before it finally got the green light to release

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@georgia @kick @moonman anyone could see any file from any user on my high school's network due to fucked permissions. there were also a variety of other rookie mistakes made elsewhere. thought about telling IT admin but he was a dick to *me specifically* in 9th grade first semester keyboarding class for no reason so he could suck my ass and figure it out himself when someone abuses it.

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