@pasture react-router cracks me up. The web dev kiddies realized it was faster to render the page on the server, then send that to the user. Versus normal react behaivor of sending a 2MB glob of webpack bloat to the user and having their browser render it.

So basically, they invented PHP! Great job!
@pasture I dropped web dev after I realized it only gets more and more complex every year as a form of job security, instead of just learning html/css 15 years ago you gotta learn like 4 different frameworks, a task runner, webpack, and potentially another javascript flavor like typescript. Hell now we got webassembly and blockchain (why) bring tacked on

@cirno all of these things make web dev better because of the reasons

@cirno @pasture at this point it's probably a conspiracy by big internet to sell faster plans to load webpages

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