I own 18 copies of Call of Duty: Ghosts. AMA

I'll probably keep five copies just to keep the meme going but I'm moving so unfortunately I can't keep all of them

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1) a few years ago, they were something like $3 each at GameStop in the US and a bunch of people I talked to live in the EU and elsewhere and wanted to buy copies. I'm a nice friend so I ordered them and distributed the Steam keys inside. Yes there are disks but they're probably useless
2) idk are gigantic bombs of fire and destruction gay
3) I'm gay.

@pasture @dave @holot
There are worse games :cirnoThink: I respect your egalitarian memery. Nice.
@pasture @dave @rehnsturm256 @holot
Disks of PC games are almost always Steam installers these days.
It's only those casual software publishers or antivirus software creators that bother to put their program on disk.
Not always I have games you need to install others you need to put you're key in or put the CD to play
@pasture @dave @holot @rehnsturm256
@pasture why you horder stuff,you ok,need an intervention?

@11112011 i actually threw a mindblowing amount of shit away the past few weeks. keeping the cod copies was just a meme

@11112011 :p I'm only keeping 6 copies and my copy of the greatest game, Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009

@pasture Lemme guess, the disks all stop working and you have to keep buying new ones?

@erin yes exactly, finally someone understands my struggle

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