Going to set a soft end to this season of Stonks for April 1st, so you'll have 2 months to build your portfolios. Still thinking about a prize for the "winner", and there are a couple of (non-game-breaking) bugs, but if you want to come play, start following [stock_symbol] All are welcome!

@pasture Just FYI, the guy that "won" the stock market competition in high school was the guy that figured out that the software we were using only updated stock prices every 15 minutes, so you could just check the current stock prices and initiate a buy order for whatever had moved up slightly, then sell for a guaranteed profit once the prices updated.

You may want to make sure that any buy and sell orders check price at the time of the transaction, if you aren't already.

@dave Thanks. That's an interesting way of going about it but I don't think it'll work here, my cache interval is extremely low.

@illya You'd search for it. For example if I wanted to invest in Walmart, I'd type into the search box @wmt@ (without the space) and the profile should come up for me to follow.

@illya Keep in mind that you only have $1000 to invest and if you don't have enough $$ to invest in a stock your follow request will be rejected.

@illya I see you got it working. One more thing - if you want, you can also follow @broker to see game info, up to you.

@pasture @broker can I see the value of each individual stock I hold?

@illya values should generally match what Google/Yahoo Finance say. I may build this in as a command to @broker a little later.

@pasture @broker Sure, was just wondering if it was possible. Would be nice to have a message each tick with +/- of each stock you hold.
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