>be me, der Einzige >meet a cute girl >end up dating >she becomes my girlfriend >one day i post-coitally murmur in her ear that she is my property >she says that she is her own person and can to as she pleases >i tell her she doesn’t understand and that there is only me, that i am unique and that she, among other things, is my property >she tells me that i’m a male chauvinist pig >i tell her such concepts are merely spooks >she looks at me like i’m crazy and gets up to leave mockingly tells me to have some other girl as property >i say that everything belongs to me already, i’ve merely to attain power over it >she asks me who the hell do i think i am >i say i’m the creative nothing which cannot be named >she says i’m an asshole >i say no attributes can properly describe the creative nothing which is the unique one >she asks me where i get all this shit from >i tell her that i have stated my case on nothing >she leaves >mfw

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