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Vegan block recommendation 

Vegan block recommendation 

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@alyx @pasture I said "antifeminist language," not "antifeminism language;" the latter doesn't even make any sense.

Also, whining about someone being "triggered" while repeatedly harassing that person with bigoted slurs seems pretty antifeminist to me.

@TwoVealCutlets @pasture
No it's not. You don't seem to have any idea what feminism even means, let alone what antifeminist would entail.

@alyx Feminism (at least the intersectional kind) means sticking up for marginalized groups.

No. See, I told you that you didn't even know what feminism means. Feminism by any kind of definition is about granting equal rights. It has NOTHING to do regarding insults or slurs. No one has or will ever have a right to avoid being insulted. That is not a human right.

@alyx If you want equality, then you have to change culture so that marginalization is not perpetuated. So it is you who is uneducated about feminism.

Um, no. If you want equal rights, you make sure that the law treats everyone equally. That's all there is to it. Anything more than that and you're advocating for some dangerous stuff. I'm sorry, but no matter how much you might dislike it, people are allowed to insult and be "dicks" to one another. Trying to forcefully create a culture where that doesn't happen is impossible, and even attempting it would be tantamount to creating a totalitarian, fascistic-like state.
Then you really are mentally deficient to the point of mental retardation. You will never get the things you desire through anarchy.

@alyx congratulations, you've earned a block recommendation

@TwoVealCutlets @alyx whatever you say pal

im not even fully sold on anarchism but i have more of an anarchist bent than your larping ass
@alyx youre right but to be fair @TwoVealCutlets was advocating for "equality" and not equal rights

equality is dangerous in the context of society
@wowaname @TwoVealCutlets
Oh, I was being generous and interpreted it as equal rights and not equal outcome. If he was referring to the latter, he's even more dangerous than he could ever realize.
@alyx @TwoVealCutlets

Is machist and a complete nazi, if you look at a few posts above he blocked pasture just because SHE is a woman and it's silencing her.

This kind of behavior is what a true fachist and nazi do. So I didn't expect any less of him



re: antifeminism 

@kumicota @TwoVealCutlets @wowaname
I actually never encountered that word and had to look it up. Thanks for helping me learn a new word today.
@alyx @TwoVealCutlets

you know he was, else he wouldnt be begging for homogenity and muh "accept everyone" utopian bullcrap
@wowaname @TwoVealCutlets
He's so deluded. Apparantly he's anarchist and yet thinks any of the things he wants are somehow achievable within his political framework.
@alyx @TwoVealCutlets i dont think anarchism is achievable within its own political framework

but then again i think this way for most political ideologies: none of them seem to scale past maybe a hundred people
@alyx @TwoVealCutlets unless you consider anarchism strictly as "abolishment of the state system we have now" then im pretty much all for that. being tied to beliefs geopolitically is not the right approach, people should have more freedom of association and more ease of migration than we have now

its all a tricky matter and its harder in meatspace where your geographical location influences a lot of factors in your life
@wowaname @TwoVealCutlets
Anarchism might be fun and interesting to discuss in theory, but in practice, the imperfect nature of human beings would ensure that you'd have a complete shit show if anarchy was pursued on a major scale.
@alyx @TwoVealCutlets agreed, but even current governments are a shitshow on a major scale. its effectively mob rule and there isnt really a way to avoid this without giving sovereignty to smaller "tribes" if you will

@TwoVealCutlets @alyx I am literally a woman, so how can I be anti-feminist? I use the word triggered because that's how I feel when I see the name TwoV*alCutlets.

@pasture @TwoVealCutlets @alyx "don't say the words I don't like but also I can say what I like" - cancel culture motto
@pasture @TwoVealCutlets fucking animal killer. You will burn in hell for eating meat, killing animals. I'm a neo nazi alt-right vegetarian and haven't eaten meat in 10 years
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