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Shitty Steam fedi chat channel I made, because I love pain and suffering

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Imagine being on the Mastodon network and not using Mastodon, the only True and Honest Mastodon Software

The Day AppGet Died - The story of how Microsoft embraced and then killed AppGet.


Boycott harmful games; reject game piracy.

Exercise self-protection; avoid deception.

Moderation promotes brain health; excess play is harmful to the body.

Well-planned use of your time will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

I love the 19,000 errors I get when I start refactoring, favorite part

literally sitting here writing goisms in this c# project and spent a good 30 seconds wondering why the fuck intellisense gave me a syntax error

btw iirc this game was taken down by valve once before it finally got the green light to release

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all right gamers, gonna go write device drivers in javascript for 11 hours, see ya later

oh right this is mastodon, no one would like my post on the 10 most successful communist countries

Oops, drank too much soda, my face is twitching

> break federation in a way that kinda sorta still sometimes works with mastodon
> users: "you broke federation with pleroma"
> gab: "yeah pleroma sucks"
> 3 days later
> gab: "yeah it was all on purpose we just didn't tell you and didn't do it properly"

come on
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