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Going to set a soft end to this season of Stonks for April 1st, so you'll have 2 months to build your portfolios. Still thinking about a prize for the "winner", and there are a couple of (non-game-breaking) bugs, but if you want to come play, start following [stock_symbol] All are welcome!

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Imagine being on the Mastodon network and not using Mastodon, the only True and Honest Mastodon Software

I'm gay. And pregnant. Thanks for comign everyoen

Who will win?? A gigantic fucking rock that's been hurdling around a bigger gigantic rock for billions of years or 7 billion smol, squishy beings that REEEEE and kill each other

"Fantaventura" is a trip to a psychedelic fantasy island with the legendary German rap group DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER. The band takes you into the parallel world of their 1993 hit song "Tag am Meer" (A Day at the Beach). Here, time and place are stretched, and nothing is as it seems.

I'll probably keep five copies just to keep the meme going but I'm moving so unfortunately I can't keep all of them

who will win???????? playstation at GDC or one smol asiavirus

actually sorta excited for animal crossing on soycon, it looks really cool

cod 3 for wii is terrible, i don't know how my sister played this garbage

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